About The Lunch Punch

Making food fun

The Lunch Punch collection was invented by an Aussie mum who wanted to make food fun for her little boys. From the very first set, the forever popular ‘Match & Munch’ puzzle cutters right though to the recently released ‘Unicorn’ and ‘Construction’ cutters, each set is a collection designed to get children interacting with, enjoying and eating food!

As every parent knows, it’s a daily challenge to make a healthy and appealing lunch that kids will eat.  Sandwiches are a mainstay in children’s diets, but they’re so boring and kids don’t like the crust.

Our sandwich cutters are designed to use the whole slice of bread, and are taller than a cookie cutter to keep your sandwich light and fluffy.

(Tip: soft, fresh bread works best!)

The Lunch Punch is dishwasher safe, BPA FREE, Phthalate FREE, PVC FREE and Lead FREE. It is made from FDA certified food-grade plastic.  Both The Lunch Punch and its packaging are 100% recyclable.

The Lunch Punch is intended for use by adults but can be used by children over 3 with adult supervision.

The Lunch Punch Team

Making Punchin' Lunches
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Hustlin’ mama to 2 busy, energetic, fussy little boys. Bento lover. Creative wannabe, and a teeny bit of an IT nerd. Passionate about fun healthy food, and simple products that make it EASY. Night owl – often found working in her study late in to the night, while the little ones sleep. Fuelled by tea. ALL the tea.
Lifter of heavy things. Packer of boxes. Often found rocking to 80’s tunes, while packing orders for Lunch Punch ready to be sent all over the globe. Kindy lunch maker for 2 hungry little men. Reluctant tech support. Will work for chocolate. Or cake. Always says yes to cake.
Inventor. Mama of 3 energetic boys. Creative genius with a heart of gold. Invented the Lunch Punch to entice her busy boys to eat their sandwiches, without the waste that came with using traditional cookie cutters.

What our Happy Clients Say

We got these and they make such fun shapes! My son LOVES getting to cut his sandwiches. I think its pretty cool that a couple of them just leave an imprint in the bread, like the wheels on the car or the clouds on the airplane. Adds just a little more detail and makes them a little more cool. Worth every penny.

Danielle ACustomer

The best way to get my daughter to eat her sandwiches. The lunch punch is great fun, easy to use and best of all, means lots of smiles at lunchtime – perfect! We’ve also found it perfect for cookies and pancakes – yum!

Natasha UCustomer

My kids and their friends all love eating their Lunch Punch sandwiches – even the fussy eaters have had seconds (as long as they were puzzle shaped). We have also used them as cookie cutters and they worked great.

Andrea HCustomer

My kids love to have something “different” with their sandwiches! Lunch Punch’s are a hit in our household!

Nicolette SCustomer

The lunch punch is a fantastic product designed to create interesting lunches. My boys hate crusts and this perfectly cuts them off. The puzzle shaped pieces have inspired many games including biting new puzzle pieces from the original. Lunch is now quick and painless. Thanks guys.

Emma SCustomer