Special Events and Giveaways

Perfect for goodie bags and hampers

The Lunch Punch sandwich cutters make the ideal prize, gift or giveaway for any event relating to food, children or fun! We can work with your promotions team to put together a package that will get tongues wagging and phones snapping on social media.

Fun food and creative lunch boxes are hugely popular and trending right now, join in and get your brand noticed in foodie circles and by parents all around the world today.

We can provide:

  • Large or small orders competitively shipped direct to you
  • Single cutters of one or mixed designs
  • Single cutters with custom packaging to suit your event or giveaway

Have an idea? We’d love to hear it, making food fun is what we do!

Corporate Partnerships

Custom sandwich cutters for your brand

Looking for promotional product that packs a punch? We can:

Design a range of custom sandwich cutters for your campaign

Manufacture large quantities with guaranteed quality

Package to suit your product and promotion

Ship to your door using our competitive, trusted provider

Custom Lunch Punch sandwich cutters make a UNIQUE and desirable promotional giveaway

Use social media to boost interaction with your campaign

Our sandwich cutters are simple to use but your customer’s creations will take your breath away!

Ask your customers to tag you in photos of their lunch boxes on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and watch your reach soar..

You won’t find a more reliable, safe or more affordable sandwich cutter manufacturer

We’re passionate and dedicated to our work.

All our cutters are USFDA approved materials and we provide independent 3rd party testing by a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission accredited company to certify our product’s safety.

We’re affordable because we have a small core team of experienced staff with very little overheads.  We’re a lean, keen sandwich cutter making machine.

And as the previous sentence demonstrates… we’re serious about silly stuff.